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Various destiel fanfics. Check out my fanfic rec list for destiel fics that I've read.

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On air night I'll tag my spoilers with spn9, or spn s9. A day after air night I will no longer tag my spoilers.

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Story prompts are always welcomed in my inbox. I prefer destiel over other otps from Spn but sastiel & sabriel is welcomed.

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Still going everyone’s blogs and looking over the surveys for the Destiel Fanfic Galore Network. :)

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hey, I was admiring your blog and noticed your fic record and wondered if you have read twist and shout? if so what is your opinion of it as i have seen mixed reviews and don't want to commit to 90,000+ word fic if it isn't that great.

I haven’t really read Twist and Shout. I only got to chapter 2 and stopped and not cause it was boring but I was busy at the time and had to stop but just forgot to go back to it. I’ve heard a lot of mixed reviews for it as well. Some saying its really great but sad and it’ll have you crying. Others said it was alright, wasn’t that great.

If you don’t want to read like the entire thing in one day or commit to it just read a chapter or two a day. Slowly read it. I may do that soon. 

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DeanCas meme: ten episodes [06/10] 

↳ Survival of the Fittest – 7x23